There is no other company quite like Fluid Dynamics – the heat exchanger specialists.

Not only is Fluid Dynamics fully Australian owned, it is run by very friendly and helpful people and, with its many worldwide partners, offers unrivalled expertise in just about every type of heat exchanger available.

Fluid Dynamics is a genuine solutions based company with a well-equipped Australian factory employing highly skilled tradesmen.  Our unique business model can offer OEM and aftermarket heat exchangers, custom design, modification, refurbishment, parts and service for just about any heat exchanger to suit your needs – Because we are not tied to any one brand or type of heat exchanger we are completely unrestrained in what solution we can offer.  We can expertly combine unrivalled flexibility with lateral solutions.

Not every type of heat exchanger is necessarily the best for the job.  Where some companies offer only a solution involving their particular brand and type of heat exchanger, at Fluid Dynamics we are free to simply find the best solution for our valued customers.  This may even involve the use of a combination of different types of heat exchangers to achieve the result you need.

All Fluid Dynamics products are being constantly extended and updated to include the latest designs and technical features, but no matter how big and versatile our range is, Fluid Dynamics always offers the best solution and the best quality at very competitive prices – all backed by a proud heat exchanger Australia company which has specialised in heat exchangers since 1981.

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